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Greetings! I am one from the large population, and just like many others, I love comics, games, and sports. Sometimes I will stuff my bag full then go around, to see these beautiful places, and sometimes I stay at home for whole weekend or holiday, and enjoy the quite time with computer, phone, books, and my doggie. Even myself can't believe sometimes that I am really doing a blog about zentai suits, which is one of my hobby since four years ago. Hope to meet some friends here.

15 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Warm Red Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit Photos in Winter

Today when I woke up, I am greeted by the bright sunshine through the windows. A very cozy time in the winter. I always welcome sunshine even in the hot summer. This may because it’s not so much here in this basin area :) Besides summer, the spring and autumn, whenever there’s a day like this, I spent most of my leisure time sitting at the small park nearby or the chair near the window at the coffee shop, appreciate the vivid pictures created by line outside. It’s fortunate that I don’t become black-skinned – yet.

Last night when watched the TV, there’s a program about the skin tight garments. It’s an entertainment show, and the host invited a zentai follower to give a short performance on stage. It’s fun, and people are shocked – just as expected. I will see later whether I could get the video for it online.

Share a red shiny metallic zentai outfit photo here. If you notice, besides the unicolor costume, there’s also a pair of thigh high red boots worn. The neck belt by red patent leather and silver circuits have also added in the attraction.

Red Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit
Red Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit

There are also another kind of shiny costumes, with the shiny not so obvious, but rather slight.
Shiny Metallic Costumes with Slight Shimmer
Shiny Metallic Costumes with Slight Shimmer

Red is another kind of brightness, and showing these two photos here, as a warm and sincere wishes for all zentai lovers in this winter. No matter on which part of the life that we feel warm and happiness, we always have a soft heart towards life. I believe most of you have already got ready for the xmas gifts. For that part, I think what really important, is how careful you have thought and selected the gifts, while not  on the price of the items. That’s why sometimes I also do some handcraft, as gifts. Friends sometimes make jokes that I am only finding excuses for myself being lazy and meaningful :)

An eary wish,  happy everyday at this holiday month :) :):)

03 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Late Autumn – Season’s Regards for Harvest

Every sunny day at this time of the year is precious. We could easily get cloudy, foggy or chilly days now. Today’s fresh with soft wind, can’t be better chance to get a soft sun bath at the park. I obtain deep expectations for brightness, coming with the blue skye and golden line.  Except every summer, the spring and autumn, whenever there’s sunshine, I enjoy killing time at the park or the balcony, and enjoy the warmth from nature. It’s fortunate that I don’t become black yet – my skin color.

Last night when watched the TV, there’s a program about the skin tight garments. It’s an entertainment show, and the host invited a zentai follower to give a short performance on stage. It’s fun, and people are shocked – just as expected. I will see later whether I could get the video for it online.

Share a red shiny metallic zentai outfit photo here. If you notice, besides the unicolor costume, there’s also a pair of thigh high red boots worn. The neck belt by red patent leather and silver circuits have also added in the attraction.

Red Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit
Red Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit

There are also another kind of shiny costumes, with the shiny not so obvious, but rather slight.
Shiny Metallic Costumes with Slight Shimmer
Shiny Metallic Costumes with Slight Shimmer

It’s right after the Halloween. Enjoyed a spectacular night with friends at the bar, dancing, drinking, telling ghost stories(ok, this is a little bit weird), and enjoy the fun of showing myself in public places in zentai suits. There can’t be better reasons/occassions to get wearing whatever we love, without too much negative feelings back. The other I could think of is the anime con. After Halloween, winter’s coming. I may have my annual holiday(about 8 days) off work around Christimas, so enough time to go back to hometown, and have something leisure.

Happy everyday, and enjoy!

21 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Zentai Suits and Environment

This may sound a strange topic, because it’s hard to connect these two different areas – zentai suits and environment – together. However, the slight contribution to environment protection, is one reason I love zentai suits. After encased in zentai suits, the thing I care is no longer so much about how it looks outside, while more about the inner side. Therefore I have saved some of the resources at this part: for example, I used to buy a lot of different costumes to be worn in the house. I used to love the feeling of getting different styles clothes. Gradually I have go back to the original values of clothes: 1)cover our skins to avoid extra exposure  to the air; 2)keep us warm and safe.

Nowadays with the economy development and stable environment for most of us, we have the time and money to enjoy fashion. I am nothing against that, but when we seek after fashion and get clothes only because of beauty, or physical appearance, we tend to over-buy, thus over-use the resources. I think at this aspect, if we could get something we really love, and satisfied with it for a certain period of time, we could save the extra water, power, etc used to produce these stuffs for fashion.

Maybe I am not a thorough environment guy, so I am not really promoting us forget fashion. If you could buy and wear smartly, and save one item’s purchase compared with past, then you already contributed to environment.

Zentai suits give me a feeling that we are back to the original meaning of clothes, and I enjoy them without extra accessories required. After I found my spiritual contentment after encased in the morphsuits, I tend to buy less other clothes. I enjoy this fashion tendency of mine.

No matter for parties, for Halloween, for Christmas, for photography, or you are just simply interested in this, it won’t hurt to have a try. Talking about the coming Halloween’s costumes, morphsuits also cost less than many other costumes for holidays.

10 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Wish Steve Jobs Rest in Peace

Stayed in parent’s house in the mountai for several days, and just back. Heard the news about Steve Jobs and feel really sad for him. Wish him rest in peace.

Let us who are still living in this world, learn to be open-minded and active. We use the valueable time to realize our dreams, and no waste.
Let’s learn to be generous and kind, helping others sincerely whenever there’s a need.
Let’s value our families and friends, everyday.

05 October 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Latest Styles Halloween Costumes / Catsuits

Coming together with the beautiful red leaves of Autumn season, there’s hot conversations for halloween – the holiday history, the interesting stories happened last year, and mostly what we will do this year. Same as always,  friends have been attracted by the halloween costume, various accessories, for different parties. There’s a poll earlier from yahoo and seems about 40% of people care about the costumes.

This year, I have got an idea which could get me the most cheap halloween costume, while maintain the feature of scary and special.

First, wear my black lycra spandex zentai suit, to cover the whole body, then I will wear an outfit, such as a dress, and a golden color wig, then stand at the dark corner, and keep still. Just walking into the dark side, they would say a floating clothes! Won’t that be cool?

Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit – Suitable for Both Male and Female$23.99 Only

Or I should go to my stage from darkness, and they will see a dress walking, or dance. It will be something like this.

Interesting Black Spandex Zentai Suit Halloween Costume

Could you see where are the two hands of the girl located from the photo?

Besides this, there are also some very cheap catsuits for me to select from, all latest styles and price’s very rational too. For example, to cosplay as the classic leopard girl, by wearing the leopard camouflage skin-tight catsuit. The one I love best up to now, among this group, is this one with the photo follows.

Latest Style Leopard Camouflage Lycra Spandex Tights / Catsuits

There are many more choices for you to select from among the catsuits and tights. If you are interested in this, please click the photos above to see more.

27 September 2011 ~ 0 Comments

New Spiderman Costume for Halloween?

For our great superhero Spidey, there’s hot talks and debates and polls against the production of new spiderman. Why? Because the movie is built with too strong commercial factors, and while enjoy the excellent part of the movies, sometimes we feel the oriental value of the comic has lost. After the great success of the earlier three movies, there’s statement from the internet and there’s even a talented fan listing out the 15 reasons for the plea. See popular and attractive superhero becomes a money maker is a great pity. We need passion and dream, although we can’t fly in the sky in our spiderman costumes.

The good news is the new game Spiderman: Edge of Time is close for the release and there are already screenshots shared.

Spiderman is One of the Most Popular Superhero

Spiderman is One of the Most Popular Superhero

Most Up to Date Dark Blue Red Spidey Costume

Most Up to Date Dark Blue Red Spidey Costume

Compared with other outfits, spiderman costumes still makes one of the most popular choices for the halloween costumes. Besides the dark blue and red new model spiderman suit listed above, there’s also the classic bright red blue spiderman suit, and besides these two main styles, we have one more choice this year: dress up as the dark black spidey: there’s black lycra spandex suit with the spider camouflage, following the design from the movie. So I believe this year for spidey fans we have a lot of places to show our passion for this long history comic, together with the movies.

Black Spiderman Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Black Lycra Spandex Spiderman Costume with Camouflage

Have a great day, all spidey fans.

19 September 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Introduction of a Zentai Fashion Blog

We have entered the wet season here. I caught the opportunity of short cloudy time, to enjoy the  swimming Saturday afternoon,  then stayed at home the whole weekend. I do appreciate the rainy day. Besides I love to stay in house at rainy weather, and that makes me feel peaceful. I could make myself a cup of tea, sitting at the balcony and look at the scene outside – houses, plants, girl holding an umberalla, in rain. Therefore I have wasted quite a large amount of time to surf the internet. And I found a great blog named lycra zentai suits.

I have the hobby of looking for something at internet before making final purchase, check and compare, select one, done. Next time when I need something, I have to do the search again. For zentai suits, I also have problem to compare most suits I love, and pick out the one best, from color, material, and price. During the random search for something new, I have found this blog, with collections of lycra zentai suits, and the interesting part is, it has put the suits with same line of colors together, for example, all different shades of green, or different levels of blue, so I could easily compare and pick out the one I love most. Most suits recommend by it are at cheap price, very fair from my shopping experience, and custom tailor is free – no extra fee.

So I think this is something worth my record, as materials to compare, for future purchase.  The zentai suits blog is also keeping updates regularly, so there’s always something you could find.

If you just want to enjoy some zentai art photos, this is also a good place for you to find some good ones by the colors.

Share a photo of dark green lycra spandex zentai suit.

Dark Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Dark Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Talking about the green suits, there are many included in the lycra zentai suits blog. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to take a look. The blog’s regularly updated. Really appreciated for the efforts of the blog owner.

07 September 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Skin-Tight Black Zentai Suit as Party Costumes

It’s been two weeks since I have made this blog. The purpose is still so clear, some place about zentai and all other skin-tight costumes, to share ideas, photos, tips, stories, etc. Today I have found some very cool shiny metallic zentai suits, which could also make great party costumes. Same as the two suits I recorded at last post, this suit is dominated by classic black color too, but with totally different style.

Compared with the last two suits, this one I want to share next comes with more delicate camouflage: the surface is covered by same color very small dots,  which adds in the uniqueness of the suit, while look more fashionable compared with the unicolor black spandex suit. The suit is tailored by the sublime shimmer cloth material, and quite different from the most common full body coverage, the original design comes without the hood and socks, while the hands are fully covered. If you still want the entire encasement, you could also require to make it whole.

The zipper’s at the back hidden, and custom tailor available for free as always. Let’s check the photos here.

Black Shiny Zentai Suit with Tiny Dots at Surface - Great Party Costume

The turtle neck without the hood, makes the suit look more neat. Of course you could also add in the hood, or get a removable one. The very tiny pots with a center black dot, makes the suit look very fashionable, and worthwhile to take a look.

To make this suit look more attractive, or going better with the party theme, we could also add in a patent leather shiny wide waist belt, and knee high boots, and I believe this could be a great debut on the stage.


1)Custom tailor available.

2)Special features such as removable hood, chest zipper, etc, to make the suit more personalized.

10 August 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Black Lycra Zentai Suits with Delicate Camouflage – Holiday Costumes

After builing this blog about zentai fashion, I was away for a short business trip, and back until yesterday. But when I opened my laptop and see it again, I feel really home. This is the place, where I want to share my love for zentai and zentai suits, and make some friends who also love, follow or appreciate this skin-tight bodysuits.

As the beginning of the formal blogs after the post, here’s a little bit more about me. Just like everyone else at my age, I love sports, comics and games.  My favourite entertainment,  is either play basketball or ride bikes for 1.5 hrs, or stay at home quietly, and enjoy a comic book I love. Although hard to admit, there are a lot of very attractive productions of manga from Japan.

Because the next few months are usually the time I get enough excuses to buy all these beautiful and cool zentai suits I love, I will coming thereafter, with a series of the unique fashionable zentai costumes I love, to share with you, and hopefully this could also give you a hint, about what excellency you could create at the parties and holidays coming after. Morphsuits are definitely one of the uprising party wear which is unique and fun.

Black lycra zentai suits are always my favourite, so I would like to begin with my collections from this direction. The first is a black turtle neck zentai outfit, with beautiful while delicate camouflage on the surface. It’s tailored by lycra spandex material, and looking just cool. One of the newest style in the zentai I could ever find.

Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Costume with Delicate Gold Patterns

The camouflage is in golden color, composed by letters and different shapes of blocks. The design comes without the hood, gloves and socks, but you could require to have them if you want. This suit’s modeled by a woman and if you think it’s more their style too, coming next a very cool one for both male and female.

Black Camouflage Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit for Holidays

This suit also belongs to black lycra zentai, with the map like white irregular shapes of camouflage, and letters. Looking very cool overall, and I think these two suits could definitely play great for the holidays and halloween parties.

03 August 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Greetings from a Zentai Fan

Hello, everyone. Among all these modern and fashionable items, my hobby for zentai is only struggling to get a very little space, for people who love this just as me. I want to share some of my zentai photos, and good cheap suits I have found.

Apologize for making something sound so serious, but I just want to say the purpose for me to build this blog.  This post, is the startup of a journey, to share the fun of zentai fashion, or morphsuits, and I sincerely desire for some friends,  so with you we could talk about this special style skin-tight costumes.
Zentai is a way-undergoing fashion right now. However, I don’t really expect it to go any popular. It’s something personal, and only for those who are interested.

Brief features of zentai:

1)Full Body Covered, or 90 Percent of the Skin Covered Under Suits

2)Skin-Tight Bodysuits, or Morphsuits

With these two most basic rules, and if you love them, you may be interested in zentai fashion, then don’t hesitate to keep a look at the blog sometimes, and get more familiar about what it is.

A little bit more about me:

I love comic, game, cosplay and four years ago, when I have found the photos of people encased in zentai, I have fallen in love with it. It’s since then I began read things about it, and mostly pictures or photos by other vanguard. I have to say, there are many heroes in this field, and they have contributed to the improvement of zentai. I wish, in the near future, this clothes could bring more pleasure for us.